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Hello Magickal Soul! Welcome to the Online Book of Shadows from SigilArt&Magick! Light up a candle, burn some incense, brew up your favorite tasty potion and stay a while.

Whether you're a baby witch, an experienced practitioner, or anything in between, you'll likely find something you like in this online Book of Shadows. I've been working on reference pages for colors, herbs, crystals, tarot, astrology, sigils, and candles. Let me know if you're looking for something you can't find here and I'll add it to my site plan.

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What is Magick Really?

Magick is way of life – a way of being. Living magickally means that you are aware of, and take responsibility for, the fact that everything is energy. You have the ability to influence that energy for benefit or harm. Whether you know it or not, you are always manipulating energy.

When you move your body you are manipulating energy. When you focus a thought, or express yourself, or project an emotion, you are manipulating energy.

Magickal living asks that you to be more aware and conscious of how you are manipulating energy. The better you are at using your emotions and will to give power to your own energetic influence (rather than allowing energies to use you), the better you become at manifestation and creating the life you love.

Practicing Magick is a companion to this way of being and living. As a practitioner, you use tools to help you focus your will when you are manipulating these life energies.

Tools like candles, sigils, herbs, gemstones, incantations, incense, even the colors you use and wear – anything that corresponds energetically to your intentions in that moment can help you manifest.

By using the energies of these tools, as well as aligning your timing with the best possible astrological energies for your intentions, you create an environment that allows your intentions to manifest. If you're practicing magick in addition to living a magickal life, you will want to know (or have access to) these correspondences.

That’s where this Book of Shadows comes in.

Before the internet (yes, I am that old!), it was difficult to come across information on magick. There were books of course, but they could be difficult to find.

Now however, you can do an online search and find thousands of websites and books on magick. But how do you know that those search results are even remotely accurate?

Did you know for example, that there are hundreds of books on Amazon that are stolen or purchased from the original authors, re-worded using 'spinning' software or AI, given a new cover and fake author name, and then sold? Sometimes the people doing this don't even read what the software regurgitated, and they have no knowledge of the topics they're covering.

Because of that, I wanted to share what I’ve learned from my teachers, my own experiences, and classic books on magick, and share these resources with you. There are links to Amazon and other sites - some may be affiliate links, but won't cost you an extra penny to purchase using those links.

My promise to you is that these resources are going to be in alignment with what I've learned over the decades. 

Magick and Religion

Combined Religious Symbols

Many people hear the word "religion" and cringe, especially if they're interested in magick. Of course there are those that have no problem with religion at all. This is one topic that deserves more attention and clarity than I can fit on this page. If you want to know my thoughts about it, click here to check out my article "Spirituality vs Religion".

I will say here though - Magick does not need a "religious" background or structure for it to work. AND you can be of any religion and still practice your own brand of magick. You don't need to claim ANY religion to live a magickal lifestyle.

Many people out in the world, and in the media, collapse spirituality and religion into the same meaning. They don't mean the same thing at all. Click here to see what I'm talking about.

Where to Start?

A lit pentacle votive candle

Don't know where to start? If you're a beginner, you can look at the different types of magick and see what you are most drawn to. What makes you feel like you want to immerse yourself in it? What aligns the most with your current beliefs? Click the link above to check them out.

Don't feel obligated to pick just one type of magick either, you can use bits of more than one if you like. Many call that being 'eclectic', meaning you aren't bound to any one school of thought, but rather take what works from many different methods and combine them into your own style. 

If you're more advanced, or already know what kind of magick you're going to practice, you can delve deeper into it, or other topics by picking the appropriate button in the navigation bar above that interests you. Those pages lead to other more specific pages that relate to that topic such as tarot, astrology, candles, herbs, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, magick is a lifestyle, and a well rounded practitioner will use as many tools as they can. If you're new to the occult, take your time - don't feel as if you need to learn everything all at once. You can choose to focus on one aspect of magick, or choose to learn a little of more than one aspect each time you practice.

There are so many opinions and magickal styles out in the world that you may feel overwhelmed. I understand. My goal is to share whatever experience and insights I may have with you, and from there, you choose what feels right to you. There are as many spiritual paths on this planet as there are people. You do you. Forcing yourself to walk a path that feels wrong will ultimately lead to magick that doesn't work and that could backfire. 

I'll have the basics and resources here for you, and you practice what works for you.

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