Card of the Day

Tarot cards spread out on a table with a candle in the background.

Welcome to the Card of the Day!

Along with the above random Tarot Card generator, I post a semi-daily Tarot or Oracle card. When I draw a Card of the Day, I clear my energetic and physical space and ask the deck I'm working with to please provide a card that fully expresses an energy for the day that will be useful to anyone who happens to see this page at any time.

If you don't see a card for today, scroll through what's already here and choose a card that calls to you. Don't worry about the date - readings like this are timeless.

Interpretations for these card draws are excerpted from the books that come with the corresponding decks.

Card of the Day Draws

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

(Appropriate card given the current energy around the Coronavirus.)

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