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Welcome to this online Book of Shadows from SigilArt&Magick! My hope is that you stay a while flipping through these pages finding useful information for your own journey in magick. It can be challenging to sift through an overwhelming amount of available advice on the web. How do you know if what you’re reading is authentic or just another sales pitch?

Like most websites, this one will have the occasional ad, affiliate link, or direct product sale, but you will also find that all of the information accumulated here is free to read. The main thing that I get out of creating this site is to continue my own learning and practice as well as an opportunity to help make a difference for those who are still searching. Essentially, this has become my own Book of Shadows for everyone to use. And perhaps a few coins will flow into my coffers as well. ;)

My Background

I’ve studied and practiced Magick in one form or another since 1994 and would currently consider myself an "Eclectic Pagan" to put a label on it.

My original teachings were in the realm of Ceremonial Magick and during that time, I also worked in a metaphysical bookshop owned by a Wiccan High Priestess and High Priest. I learned a lot from them during, and long after my employment there, and also from everyone who came in to the bookstore to teach, lecture, or shop. We catered to all philosophies and religions and people on many different paths journeyed through those doors.

In fact, my beginnings as a digital artist started there as well through my help with their newsletter and with creating class flyers and advertisements for Psychic Fairs and other events.

Shannon Clark

My passion for all things occult has led me to a lifelong study and practice in this area.

As an artist, my background is self taught. I am the illustrator of "The Kingdom Within Tarot" deck and book set, and "The Alchemy of Tarot" book, collaborating with their author/creator Juno Lucina, and published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. in 2011.  Both can be purchased on Amazon, and I am currently working on an several other projects as well.

I have an Etsy shop exclusively for selling my sigils if you’d like to check it out (clicking the link will open a new window). SigilArt&Magick

May your time here be enchanting!

Namaste and Blessed Be,


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This website and its entire contents are not meant to be used as a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. If you have a medical, financial, or legal problem, please seek out the appropriate professional to help you.

Obligatory Statement: 'For entertainment purposes only.'

Links to products on Amazon and other sites may allow me to earn a small commission on purchases that you make after clicking on them. This in no way changes the price of the products that you buy, but it is a great way to throw a bit of change into my tip jar. Much gratitude to you, and Blessed Be!

Some research for this site was conducted with the assistance of ChatGPT. All information was corroborated by the owner of SigilArtandMagick.com.

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