Magickal Properties of Lavender

Lavender Herbal Illustration

Lavender is a powerful herb known for its multi-dimensional magickal properties. Its soothing fragrance and vibrant color encapsulate the spiritual energy of nature, which practitioners of various pagan spiritualities have utilized for centuries. What makes lavender so special in magickal practices? Let’s delve into its history and abundant magickal uses to deepen our understanding.

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Quick Info and Correspondences

  • Magickal Purposes: Longevity, Love, Mental Clarity, Peace, Protection, Purification  
  • Scientific and other known names: Lavendula officinalis,
    Lavendula augustifolia
  • Parts used: Flower, sometimes stem and leaf
  • Astrological Association: Mercury, Virgo, Gemini
  • Elemental Association: Air of Air
  • Corresponding Tarot Cards: The Hierophant, The Lovers, Queen of Swords
  • Gods and Goddesses: Cerridwen, Hecate
  • Gemstones that work well with Lavender: Amethyst, Clear Quartz
  • Corresponding Colors: All shades of Lavender
  • Corresponding day of the week: Wednesday

The Ancient History of Lavender's Spiritual Use

Historically, lavender has always been associated with purification and tranquility, enabling its users to cultivate a peaceful and serene environment conducive to spiritual practices. It was used in ancient Roman baths for its purifying effects, which later trickled down to its use in ecclesiastical sanctification ceremonies.

It has been said that the calming properties of Lavender were discovered when, after washing, clothing would be laid out on lavender bushes. The scent of the flowers would transfer to the clothing and people would feel a sense of peace when they wore them.

Encapsulating lavender’s alluring mystery, the herb has also long been used in spells for attracting or invoking love. Its gentle yet potent energy stirs the heart’s desires and creates connections.

Details on the Magickal Properties of Lavender

Lavender's color correspondence is primarily lavender, a hue associated with spirituality, tranquility, and wisdom. However, different shades of lavender carry different correspondences, with light lavender linked to feminine energy and romantic love, and dark lavender associated with royalty, luxury, and power.

Connected to the planet Mercury, lavender enhances communication, reason, and learning. Its association with quicksilver assists in achieving a fast influence and outcomes in spellwork. Fittingly, it's also been connected to the element of Air, aiding wisdom and clear thought.

In terms of deity correspondences, lavender has a connection with Cerridwen, a Celtic Goddess, and Hecate, a Greek Goddess - both are revered for their wisdom and knowledge of the mystical arts.

The tarot correspondence for lavender lies predominantly with The Queen of Swords, embodying clear communication, intellect, and truth. This exemplifies why lavender is excellent for periods of reflection and meditation. Because of Lavender's association with learning, it can also be tied to The Hierophant. Some may use Lavender along side The Lovers (Gemini), The Magician (Mercury), and The Hermit (Virgo), but there are other herbs that are more precisely aligned with those cards.

If you're incorporating gemstones into your spiritual practices, amethyst and clear quartz pair well with lavender. Amethyst bolsters lavender's calming energy, creating an environment conducive to spiritual awakening and intuition, while clear quartz amplifies lavender’s purifying properties.

Lavender, candle, bottle

Modern Magickal Practices Using Lavender

Let’s now explore the many ways you can utilize the magickal properties of lavender in your daily spiritual life.

Firstly, by infusing your home with lavender, you create a serene atmosphere enhancing relaxation and meditation, allowing you to tap deeper into your spiritual essence. This can be done with incense, room spray, or one of my favorites: throw dried lavender flowers on the floor just before you vacuum.

Lavender can be instrumental in spell-casting, particularly spells crafted for peace, healing, love, and protection. Its calming properties make it an excellent addition to love spells to promote a harmonious relationship. A sprinkle of lavender in a protective charm can foster a sense of safety and repel negative energies.

In rituals, you can employ lavender to purify and consecrate your magickal tools, sacred spaces, and the elements. The herb’s purification properties help cleanse the aura and enhance the spiritual connection. The easiest way to do this is with Lavender essential oil, or with incense smoke.

Calling upon lavender when crafting a charm for lucid dreaming or prophetic dreams can yield impressive results. Its spiritual properties create a gentle guiding force, providing clarity and insight during dreams and meditative states.

By using lavender oil in magick and aromatherapy, you invite soothing tranquility into your space while also awakening deeper spiritual wisdom and promoting divination abilities.

Lavender oil can be included in candle magick or anointed on your body to connect with the herb’s transformative energy.

Incorporating lavender in your divination practice facilitates intuitive insight. Whether you're using tarot, rune stones, or tea leaves, lavender can amplify your psychic abilities and foster a deepened understanding of your readings.

When used in protection spells, lavender empowers the soul, creating a barrier against negative energy. Its protective qualities make a safe space for you to explore spiritual dimensions without fear.

Bathing in lavender-infused water before embarking on spiritual exploration can help ground your presence and heighten your sensation, connecting you deeply with the magick within and around you. I recommend using either Lavender essential oil for this, or if using the dried flowers, place them in a cloth bag so you won't clog your drains.

Lavender has been used as a charm to bring good luck and prosperity, owing to the invigorating aroma that uplifts the spirit and boosts morale.

A pillow filled with lavender is said to encourage sweet dreams and peaceful sleep, making it the perfect sleep aid for those delving into dream magick.

If you're seeking enlightenment and wisdom, a lavender-infused meditation balm can help silence the chaos of your mind while encouraging spiritual awakening.

In love spells, lavender encourages deep connection and romantic passion. It's typically used in love sachets or spells to promote long-lasting love and commitment. Use caution with love spells: Naming the person that you want to have fall in love with you will likely backfire in ways you cannot predict, or just won't work at all. It's better to describe the type of loving relationship that you'd like to have, rather than the person you think you want to have it with.

Through aromatherapy, lavender's soothing and stress-relieving properties can make your space a sanctuary of peace and well-being, cultivating an environment that’s conducive to spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Lavender lore tells us that carrying the herb in a sachet or charm can help ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune, adding to its multipurpose spiritual usage.

Lavender can be used to make a magickal ink. This ink, when used to write spells or sacred text, imbibes the written words with a potent spiritual charge.

Fancy a lavender moon ritual? Lavender’s spiritual harmony and celestial balance make it a fantastic herb for such rituals. Draw lunar energy into your sacred space for intuitive insight, healing, or manifesting intentions.

To invite a calming or rejuvenating energy into your life, consider a lavender smudging ritual. This sensory experience purifies your space, clearing negativity and promoting clarity.


Lavender Flowers

Lavender’s magick surpasses the scope of our day-to-day ritualistic practices. It serves as a trusted companion in our spiritual ascent, a symbol of divinity, a beacon of tranquility, a protector against negativity, and a facilitator of love and harmony. Harness these magickal properties of lavender in your spiritual journey, and watch as your life is breathed in with the aura of divine mystery and enchantment.

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