Magickal Properties of Aconite


The magickal properties of Aconite are usually accomplished these days by envisioning the herb rather than using the actual herb. Never touch this herb without gloves, and never ingest it for any reason. Aconite is highly toxic, even to the touch. It can kill you. Keep it away from pets and children.

If you'd like to use this herb in your magick, it's best to either envision it in your mind's eye during ritual, or have a printed picture of it on your altar.

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  • Quick Info and Correspondences
  • The Ancient History of Aconite's Spiritual Use
  • Modern Magickal Practices
  • Details on the Magickal Properties of Aconite
  • Forms of Aconite and their Magickal Applications

Quick Info and Correspondences

  • Magickal Purposes: Flying, Invisibility, Protection, Shapeshifting
  • Scientific and Other Known Names: Aconitum variegatum, Wolfsbane, Monkshood, Leopard's Bane, Devil's Helmet, Blue Rocket
  • Parts Used: Best to Visualize or use images of this herb rather than the herb itself. When the actual herb is used, all parts have their purposes.
  • Astrological Association: Saturn, Scorpio
  • Elemental Association: Air of Air
  • Corresponding Tarot Cards: Death
  • Gods and Goddesses: Hecate
  • Gemstones: Any stone associated with Saturn: Hematite, Obsidian, Apache Tears
  • Colors: Black
  • Day of the Week: Saturday

The Ancient History of Aconite's Spiritual Use

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Modern Magickal Practices

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Details on the Magickal Properties of Aconite

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Forms of Aconite and their Magickal Applications

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