The Sigil of Ameth

What It Is and How to Use It

Sigil of AmethSigil of Ameth

The Sigil of Ameth (also called Sigillium Dei - meaning Seal of God, or signum dei vivi - symbol of the living God) is one of the most popular sigils from the Middle Ages still used by Magick practitioners today. There are many other ancient sigils and symbols used, but this one is a kind-of 'master sigil' that is used in conjunction with any Magick you practice.

The first known description of this sigil dates to the 1300's but no one really knows when it was first created. John Dee and Edward Kelly are the metaphysicians commonly associated with it, because their drawing of it (represented above) is what is most commonly used in Magick, and it was John Dee who coined it "Sigillum Dei Aemeth" - 'Seal of Truth'. 

Rather than paraphrase its description and origins from its Wiki page, I'll just link that here and move on to its practical applications in today's Magick.

Sigil of Ameth Wiki

Using the Sigil of Ameth

There are many ways to use the Sigil of Ameth in your magickal lifestyle:

  1. You can use it to protect your rituals from the influence of outside energies that may wish to do you or your magick harm. Do this by placing a printed copy, hand drawn copy (if you have the time and talent to make an accurate copy), or a purchased wax version (although they can get a bit pricey) under your altar space. Make sure that whichever version you use, it is protected in some way from the heat of candles and incense bowls.
  2. You can place a copy of the sigil under any scrying tool in order to get the Truth from any divination - tarot, pendulum, water, crystals, etc. It is said that the many names of God and the names of the archangels in the sigil chase away any negative or evil influences that might make your divination tools 'lie' to you.
  3. You can wear a Sigil of Ameth talisman as jewelry (there are many sold online), to protect you from negativity or evil coming from the outside. It doesn't protect you from your own negativity, so if you're wearing this sigil and you're still having negative thoughts, check yourself - it's not from the outside. Wearing it will also expose you to more truths than you might normally experience, so just be prepared for that.
  4. You can hang a copy on the back of, or above, any door and/or window to protect your space or home from negativity or evil - again, from the outside. If you're stirring up your own negativity inside, it doesn't do anything to protect you from that.

You can get creative with the use of the Sigil of Ameth - just remember that it only protects from negative and evil influences from the outside, and make sure that the copy you create or purchase is an accurate one.

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