Tuesday, December 17, 2019

17 A Blessing on your Love

Card Meaning:

“A blessing on the discovery of the affinity of one soul for another.

“May the fragile beginnings of love between you bring to life qualities within you that will be your soul’s true calling.  May the sweetness of the taste of the lips that kiss yours be matched by the kindness and patience you find for each other.  May the darker times that beset all companions of the heart teach you what to hold onto, and what to open your hands to easefully let go of.  May the embrace of each other’s arms become a sanctuary from the world, yet not keep you from it.  Instead, may this love send you back to the world restored, whole, eager for the knowing of it, and when you return to each other, may there be space for both to share and learn of what shaped you that day.  Let passion be long-lived, let your spirit’s flame be both tended and stoked by the other, and may you be a friend of the soul, a bringer of laughter, and a light in the times when shadows gather and fall.  If you should leave, one before the other, or choose to go, let it be without lies or mistrust, let it be the natural order of things that your love burned brief and bright.  But if it is right for this love to endure into the years far beyond, let it be good, and enriching, and solace itself for your years as an elder.  Let this love be your light, and may it guide you well, warm you always, and help you see all more clearly.  Blessed be.”

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This is where I post an almost daily Tarot or Oracle card. When I do the Card of the day draw, I always clear the space both physically and energetically and then focus on an energy for the day that will be useful to anyone who happens to see this page at any time.

Since times and dates are a thing that are mostly ignored by the spiritual realm, any date you've chosen to see will have a meaning for you no matter when in time it was actually posted or drawn. So, if you're on this page, this is the card for you in this moment.

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