Tuesday, March 17, 2020

4. A Blessing of the Waters

Card Meaning:

4. A Blessing of the Waters

“A blessing to bring in the powers of the waters to cleanse and purify, rebirth and restore you.

“From the great bodies of water in this world we arose, we humans, more water than flash, shaped from the bones of land and caressed into form by the movements of our liquid mother, the ocean…  we arose and came to the earth by way of water.  While we wait to be born into this new lifetime, we are nurtured from conception by the waters before we emerge from our mothers and meet the land and the air.  So, it is to the water we turn when we must be reborn.  When life stagnates, or when we fall into despair, we turn to the water to bless us and shape us, to hold us up when we cannot walk, to give us a dream between the dreams to bring back to life our emotions, and to wash clean the soul wearing its cloak of despair.  We ask for the blessings of the waters on our psyches, so our soul self can be free of heaviness, and learn to move as water does, through even the greatest of blocks of stones in the rivers.  We ask for the blessings of waters on our blood, so our inheritance comes to us on tainted by the dark memories we sometimes dwell on, and we ask for the blessings of waters, to let us release what we are burdened with through the intelligent tears, freeing us from a pent up store of unfreed feelings.  We ask for the blessing of the waters on our relationships, so that the water moves through, and cleanses our friendships and families and the lovers from the resentments that humans sometimes fall prey to.  And we ask for the blessings of the waters for ourselves – so that like water we develop humility, and know when to reshape our lives and flow into the best form for us now.  May water smooth the sharp edges of your pain, and give you ease in times when you are storm swept and rain dashed.  May your intuition be fresh and flowing.  May your feelings be clean and clear as water flowing over river rocks in the wilderness, may your emotions be as powerful as the wave of the ocean, as deep as the sea.  May you accept the mysteries of your own depths.

“May you never thirst, and always be blessed by water.  Blessed be.”

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