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In case you've landed here directly without knowing what the heck is going on, read the instructions below. 

If you're a pro at this, then pick your card(s) and scroll down for the reveal and card meanings.

Weekly Pick-a-Card Instructions: You will first see an image with the backs of the cards at the top of the page as well as what deck I'm using. Close your eyes (obviously don't be driving while you do this), take a deep breath and focus on a situation in your life that you would like some insight into. If you don't have anything specific in mind, you can simply say (or think to yourself): "What do I need to see right now that I am not currently seeing?"

Then open your eyes and look at the image of the backs of the cards and choose either one, two, or all three cards - whatever calls to you. Once you've done that, scroll down that page to see the reveal and the card meanings.

All interpretations are going to include some or all of the deck's card meanings from the book that came with it. This is done because I will have no way of knowing what question you've asked and I have found that a straight meaning from the deck's book is the most accurate in those cases. I also use many different Oracle decks in addition to Tarot and in those cases it only makes sense to use the meanings that come with the deck.

Card Meanings:

Card One (Left): “Adelita of Fire: CAYENNE

  • “Dare to take a risk. Be Bold!
  • “Defend the integrity of the grandmothers’ teachings.
  • “Heat erupts, then heals.

“The Adelita of Fire fiercely defends her passion and her rights. Like the warm, stimulating medicine of cayenne pepper, she is bold and relentless in her advocacy. She vows to protect folk traditions. She knows that access to this ancient remedy may be threatened. She is determined to honor the ancestors by keeping the people’s medicine available to all. She is inspired by countless teachers who have freely shared information with her as she has learned about herbal medicine. She fights for the integrity of the community by passing on what has been given to her. She inspires others to follow her lead.”

Card Two (Middle): “Five of Water: GOLDENSEAL

  • “Seek out healing waters to ease your pain.
  • “A restored heart clears the vision.
  • “Golden hope dwells deep underground.

“Grief is a necessary part of healing. You may be lost in sorrow or depression, unable to move forward from a great loss. Allow your feelings to unfold. While goldenseal is a prized remedy, its survival is threatened by overharvesting. Tea made from the yellow root heal irritated mucus membranes, conjunctivitis, wet colds, sore gums, and eczema. Goldenseal root medicine teaches us that healing can be buried deep within. Sadness can open the portal to intuition. Though you are in the depths of despair, hope is hidden in the darkness. A small amount is all we need to get by.”

Card Three (Right): “Two of Earth: WITCH HAZEL

  • “Full hands, rich life.
  • “Balance on the edges of depth and lightness.
  • “Find joy in each moment.

“A busy life is an abundant life. Your many skills are called to task at once. Witch hazel is valued for providing multiple functions: food and refuge for birds, flexible branches for baskets, and bark for medicine. Flowering in late winter, witch hazel blends the edges of winter and spring, grief and joy, depth and lightness. The ability to hold the tension of opposing interests brings prosperity. Your stability may feel at risk, but as the flowers promise, relief is not far off. When the world shifts around you, find solid ground in the present moment. Like witch hazel blossoms that brighten a monochromatic winter landscape, adding levity to your tasks will lighten your load.”

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