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Weekly Pick-a-Card Instructions: You will first see an image with the backs of the cards at the top of the page as well as what deck I'm using. Close your eyes (obviously don't be driving while you do this), take a deep breath and focus on a situation in your life that you would like some insight into. If you don't have anything specific in mind, you can simply say (or think to yourself): "What do I need to see right now that I am not currently seeing?"

Then open your eyes and look at the image of the backs of the cards and choose either one, two, or all three cards - whatever calls to you. Once you've done that, scroll down that page to see the reveal and the card meanings.

All interpretations are going to include some or all of the deck's card meanings from the book that came with it. This is done because I will have no way of knowing what question you've asked and I have found that a straight meaning from the deck's book is the most accurate in those cases. I also use many different Oracle decks in addition to Tarot and in those cases it only makes sense to use the meanings that come with the deck.

Card Meanings:

Card One (Left): 

24 – A Blessing to Find your Way

“A blessing for when we find ourselves utterly lost and unsure of which way to go.

“Whichever direction we turn in seems as dense and dark as the other.  There is no one to show us the way.  There is no light with which we see the path.  There is no map for where you find yourself.  When we find ourselves in that space where we are utterly bereft of where to turn, of what to do, of whom to trust, let this blessing help you find your way once again.

“You once knew where you were headed.  You once knew who you were.  You once could trust in that inner compass that would help you turn and walk to the true north of your life.  But now, you are lost.  You are without direction, and seem only to entangle yourself more with every turn and twist as you seek to escape.  This blessing will help you still your movement, and rekindle the quiet knowing within you once again.

“May you surrender to this moment, and let yourself be still and quiet for a while.  May you seek not to move, but to observe, and to feel, and to come back into connection with yourself.  May you feel the reweaving of yourself with yourself, and as you do this, may you be blessed with the sight to pierce the darkness and see what lies ahead.  When that moment comes, may you begin to feel your compass stir, and turn, and point to a path.  May you begin to rediscover who you are, and in that rediscovery come to a knowing of what the person you are a must do next.  Many a sense of relaxed and graceful certainty begin to deliver you from this period of the vulnerability, and let the gifts of understanding and compassion, of the inner knowing which can unite us all, be with you always.  For you have been lost, and in the acceptance of that, and in this strange comforting rest of that, may you now give yourself the space and time to allow your core to speak to you again.  For its voice was dulled that by the noise of the world, and the apparent certainty of knowing who we are.  When we lose that, we can finally have the moment in which we can see the soul, clearly, without bias and cliché.  We find ourselves, through the losing of who we thought we were, and where we thought we ought to go.  May this process of loss, and re-enrichment, bring you the blessing of your own self.  Blessed be.”

Card Two (Middle): 

41 – A Blessing for Solace and Hope

“This is a blessing for solace, the comfort that comes in the form of good fortune, strange little moments that bring you back to this sense that the universe is a place where you were cared for, considered and important, and that this solace brings you hope for the future, and anticipation of the fair things that life will continue to bring you.

“Solace is the balm and the antidote to the wounds that life can deliver.  It is not personal, for being here is a great gift, and we live in times where, in many ways, we are safer than we have ever been before.  But we are fed a diet of hopelessness from our cultures and media sources, until we become overwhelmed with the troubles that seem to surround us.  This blessing is for you, to find your way back to sweetness.  For the flower in bud to release its sweetness, for you to notice the shimmer of light upon water, the sheer pleasure of movement, the ease of a mind no longer racing over problems to be solved, but soft, intelligent, allowing the calm of life to steal back into your soul.  This is the solace that keeps our hopes alive, the gift and good fortune that reawakens the candle of optimism that is within us, and the delight in the sheer whimsy of being here, and being alive.  It is the understanding that there may be little control, but we are no mere pawns in this life – we have our place in the world, and simply with our breathing in and out, we matter, and we are doing enough.  To find solace is to find peaceful moments, small connections, to notice the thousand gifts life has conferred upon us, and it is to again invoke the divinity of existence, without the fear of the future.  Let hope give you lightness, drop away the pain, and open you up again to the possibilities, until you begin once again to relish the simple voluptuous truth of being alive.  Blessed be.”

Card Three (Right):

16. A Blessing from your Ancestors

“A blessing to bring you the gifts and guardianship of your ancestral family.

“Within your bloodline, and within your spiritual line, there are thousands of relatives who care for you, and whose cells now sing within your own body. You are their future dream. You carry forward the hopes of your distance and most ancient family. They have seen so much – yes, in other times and faraway places, but they come to you now and bless you with all the wisdom of their experiences, making you the sum total of a thousand thousand wise ones. Call upon the wisdom of the blood, the old ones who stand behind you, supporting and holding you, clearly giving to you the knowledge that experience taught them. Let only the ancestors who can free you, aid you, support you, and celebrate the best of themselves within you come forward, and may the ailments and regrets of those who have gone before teach you what not to do in this time. If family be thin on the ground, or if there is estrangement at present, let the arms of the old ones hold you, form a circle about you, and infuse you with everything you may need at this moment. You are loved across the distance of time. You are spoken to, with quiet kennings, soft knowings that will direct you forth. You will be soothed, by those who healed, and be guided, by the old ones who hold before you the flaming torch of their united spirits. You are all that has gone before, but they celebrate you for you are the future. Know your life is precious to more than the visible ones you know. You are most precious to all the old ones, and to the ones who you share blood with, they know of your value, and of the hopefulness of your futures. May you be blessed and may you have with you the essence of the Elder, the Teacher, the one who shows, the one who shares with the young, the one who keeps the skills alive inside you, and all about you.”

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