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In case you've landed here directly without knowing what the heck is going on, read the instructions below. 

If you're a pro at this, then pick your card(s) and scroll down for the reveal and card meanings.

Weekly Pick-a-Card Instructions: You will first see an image with the backs of the cards at the top of the page as well as what deck I'm using. Close your eyes (obviously don't be driving while you do this), take a deep breath and focus on a situation in your life that you would like some insight into. If you don't have anything specific in mind, you can simply say (or think to yourself): "What do I need to see right now that I am not currently seeing?"

Then open your eyes and look at the image of the backs of the cards and choose either one, two, or all three cards - whatever calls to you. Once you've done that, scroll down that page to see the reveal and the card meanings.

All interpretations are going to include some or all of the deck's card meanings from the book that came with it. This is done because I will have no way of knowing what question you've asked and I have found that a straight meaning from the deck's book is the most accurate in those cases. I also use many different Oracle decks in addition to Tarot and in those cases it only makes sense to use the meanings that come with the deck.

Card Meanings:

Card One (Left): 

“Ten of Fire: COMFREY

  • “There can be too much of a good thing.
  • “Stop. Step Away. Soothe yourself.
  • “Cut it down and it roars back to life.

“Peace follows overwhelm.  You may be overextended.  The shelves in this room are full, yet the crafting continues.  Rest and replenish so your experiences can take root.  Refresh your love of creating by releasing some self-imposed responsibilities.  Comfrey quickly becomes burdensome and difficult to manage, but it will regenerate after harsh cutting.  Even a small amount can quickly flourish into a new plant.  Commit to just a few tasks and set the rest aside.  Pushing too hard will lead to waste and exhaustion.  Do not be afraid to give away some of your creative ideas.  When you harvest too much, let what you cannot use feed the soil for next season’s growth.”

Card Two (Middle): 

“Hija of Fire: CALIFORNIA POPPY (Reversed: This is a blockage or an obstacle to the energy of the card meaning below.)

  • “Create with the enthusiasm of a beginner.
  • “Boisterous play, then sweet sleep.
  • “Light up the landscape with golden joy.

“The Hija of Fire jumps at the chance to be creative.  She cannot wait to begin a new project.  She approaches everything with the playfulness of a child.  Knowing the strong elixir of California poppy creates magic, she takes small but confident steps toward independence.  She may have watched an elder many times, but now she makes medicine for herself.  Just as California poppy flowers light up dry, wild desert meadows with their brilliant color, she stays open to the light, sways with the wind, and radiates delight.”

Card Three (Right):

“12. The Hanged One: BURDOCK (Reversed: This is a blockage or an obstacle to the energy of the card meaning below.)

  • “Embrace a foe as a friend.
  • “Tap into nourishment found in the depths.
  • “Let go of control.  Lasting change takes time.

“Challenge presents an opportunity for growth.  Though burdock is a tenacious weed, it can also be a valuable plant.  The presence of burdock may indicate where the land is lacking nutrients.  Using the large leaves as mulch can bring nourishment to the surface.  When the leaves breakdown, the soil will improve and burdock will no longer have the conditions to thrive.  Flip the script on a difficult situation.  See the problem as the solution.  Burdock is also a valuable ally for the liver as it helps clear and release toxins.  But healing the land for the body requires a long-term commitment.  Surrender to the process.  Deep change takes time.”

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